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Entry #1

Bf Contest

2012-01-17 18:02:31 by sabrytiggy

Well i've Been thinking Since Every1 Loves my Naughty Stuff c:< LolXD and since i've posted that Picture 'In The Box' I totally loved that picture And since that i've been thinking Sabrina needs a Bf So she has some1 to Cuddle And Huggle with So if you Have a Boy FC that needs a Gf Why not Try Sabrina <3 she loves when shes around her Bf c:< LolXD Well here are Prizes

1st place: Bf And a Request With Sabrina and the guy you picked if you want......
2nd Place: A Request
3rd: Idk Yet

Bf Contest


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2012-01-18 00:08:29

Great idea for a contest, Idk if I can enter it though, my artistic skills are deplorable. I might take me a while to even come up with something even half as good looking as your character.

sabrytiggy responds:

Awwwww Sweety you Just have to Try Lol i suck at Drawing but good on the computer XD


2012-01-18 17:05:47

This is the man to see about a BF character! he's been here a while; I think you 2 would make a nice match!


2012-01-19 17:11:18

well i would but i am TRUELY the worst artist in all of america even though i have a sonic fan character he is also my Newgrounds name XD

sabrytiggy responds:

Lol XD yeah Sabrinas my name too