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Entry #2


2012-01-20 17:52:08 by sabrytiggy

Well I've Been thinking since In the Bf Contest since im giveing out Requests For the the 3 Lucky winner even though i havent found them yet Lol But i think ill Give you Guys Requests Too ( Starting At 1 Request per person Cause Schools Getting into My Work on Art time XD And i want to make it Easier on me ) So Yeah 1 Requests Per Person I Do : Coloring And Shading Them Flat Colors only Blinking Icons The First animation Icons So yeah Just Tell me What you Want or If you dont Have A FC Ill make you One......Thank you! No D.R.A.M.A Plz Read Belows you Trolls



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2012-01-22 11:00:58

so amazingly true that is basically what drama is.


2015-10-20 00:48:16

they raped my tomogachi